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Managing Morning Sickness

Feeling queasy? Having trouble keeping food down or even a cup of tea?

Nausea in pregnancy is common at any time but is usually the hardest to manage between 6-16 weeks of your pregnancy. It may come in waves, where you have a ‘good day’ followed by a ‘bad’, or it may feel like a constant struggle.

Every woman is different.”

For day to day management of morning sickness, there are a few small things you can change in your routine, to help keep nausea at bay, or at least to minimise your discomfort. Read them in our list below, and give them a try.

Remember, if symptoms worsen and you can’t keep anything down or are finding it hard to get through the day, there are medicines that can help ease the sickness. We understand it can be hard, and every woman’s pregnancy journey and body is different. Come and have a chat with us, and let us help you feel better, faster.

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Caring for yourself means caring for baby too.

Small changes help.

Try these small changes to help minimise your symptoms of morning sickness:

  • Eat small snacks frequently, rather than large meals
  • Drink plenty of fluids, icy poles, jelly etc (anything cold is an instant relief)
  • Avoid strong smells and spicy, fatty foods, you may find they trigger your sickness
  • Get plenty of rest. It’s never fun to feel sick, but your symptoms can become worse with tiredness

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