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The Gynaecologist Sunshine Coast Women Turn to for Expert Care and Advice

Choosing a gynaecologist to care for your most personal health needs is an important decision. As a well-respected and experienced gynaecologist Sunshine Coast women have trusted Dr. George Bogiatzis with their treatment for over twenty-three years of private practice. His medical interests include laparoscopic surgery and infertility.  He offers treatment in his rooms as well as at the Buderim Private Hospital, where staff provide patients with the best of surgical and post-operative care.

Your Personal Health is our Priority

At our practice, we aim to create a safe, comfortable and open environment for you to share your concerns. We encourage our clients to take an active role in making decisions regarding their healthcare and treatment.

At your consultation, Dr Bogiatzis will take a detailed history and perform an examination if required.  He will keep you informed every step of the way and provide you with the most current medical information about any procedures being undertaken.

Minor procedures can be undertaken by Dr Bogiatzis in his treatment rooms at Buderim Private Hospital with the support of our midwife. Dr. Bogiatzis also works in close association with Fertility Solutions for IVF, Buderim Private Hospital, providing fertility treatments if required. See our Fertility page for more information.

Dr. George Bogiatzis

Services available for Gynaecology

(Buderim Private Hospital)

Laparoscopic surgery


Polycystic ovary syndrome


Treatment of abnormal Pap smear


Endometrial ablation


Menstrual disorders

Vaginal prolapse



Keep informed on Women’s Health through your Sunshine Coast Gynaecologist

You can learn more about specific gynaecological conditions, treatments available and managing your personal health at any of these informative websites. Bring a list of questions to ask Dr. Bogiatzis and he will be happy to discuss your concerns and personal options.

Better Health Channel (Victorian State Government)

Women’s Health Queensland (Queensland State Government)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia

Family Planning Queensland

Keeping Your Pelvic Floor Fit with Physiotherapist Lissy Changuion from The Pelvic Health Physio

Our pelvic floor muscles sit in the base of our pelvis and act like a hammock of muscles to support our body during different activities. With most of our body weight sitting on top of the pelvic floor, it is important that this group of muscles can work well and in a coordinated way to promote healthy bladder, bowel and sexual function.

Our role as Pelvic Health Physios is to help ladies to regain control and confidence in all areas related to bladder, bowel, prolapse, pelvic floor health and sexual function. As females, our pelvic health can change throughout different stages of life, and Pelvic Floor Physios will work closely with your Gynaecologist & Obstetrician to help proactively support your pelvic health during these times.

Whether this be throughout your pregnancy journey, supporting your postnatal recovery, optimising bladder and bowel health, supporting pelvic or sexual pain, or improving strength of your pelvic floor muscles pre and post-surgery.

Our clinic is passionate about empowering females, with evidence-based education, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor-safe Reformer Pilates classes.


Visit Lissy’s Physiotherapy Website to learn more about how she can help you strengthen and manage your pelvic floor and to make an appointment.


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