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Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy offers many physical and emotional benefits.

Now that you know you’re pregnant, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

“Increased energy & stress relief.”

Pregnancy can be a physically exhaustive time for some mums, with morning sickness, hormonal fluctuations and your rapidly changing body to consider. Sometimes you might even find it difficult to muster up the energy for a nice walk. Despite the effort, it’s important to get up and moving regularly to increase the positive outcomes for both yourself and bub as you draw closer to your due date. 

Exercise during pregnancy offers many physical and emotional benefits. Physical activity may also help manage some symptoms of pregnancy and make you feel better, knowing you’re doing something good for yourself and your baby.

Caring for yourself means caring for baby too.

Benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy:

  • enjoyment
  • increased energy
  • improved fitness
  • reduced back and pelvic pain
  • decreased risk of pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension
  • preparation for the physical demands of labour
  • fewer complications in delivery
  • faster recuperation after labour
  • prevention and management of urinary incontinence
  • improved posture
  • improved circulation
  • weight control
  • stress relief
  • reduced risk of anxiety and depression
  • improved sleep and management of insomnia
  • increased ability to cope with the physical demands of motherhood.

For more information about what type and level of exercise during pregnancy is right for you and your baby’s stage of gestation, Contact Us to book an appointment with George or our midwife, Georgina.

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